Military Papers and Publications

Military officers occasionally write papers as part of their Professional Military Education (PME). These papers are their own work, and do not dictate nor guide military policy. They can sometimes make for a fascinating read, however.

Where these papers have been reviewed or discussed, a link is provided to the relevant article.

The articles below are published in reverse chronological order (newest on top) only for ease of reference.

Serving Two Masters: A Scheme for Analyzing Religious Accommodation Requests in the Military.” Major Adam E. Frey, JAG, USAF. Published in The Air Force Law Review (2015)

Religion in Military Society: Reconciling Establishment and Free Exercise.” Chaplain, Maj Robert A. Sugg, USAF. Published in Air & Space Power Journal (2014)

A Soldier’s Morality, Religion, and Our Professional Ethic: Does the Army’s Culture Facilitate Integration, Character Development, and Trust in the Profession?” Dr. Don M. Snider, Alexander P. Shine, COL (USA Ret) (2014) (Reviewed here.)

Freedom of Religion and Conscience in the Military: Clarifying Policy.” CH (COL) J. Craig Combs, Army National Guard, US Army War College (2013)

Chaplaincy at a Crossroads: Fundamentalist Chaplains in a Pluralistic Army.” Chaplain (Colonel) Barbara K. Sherer, USA (2011)

Religious Expression or Religious Coercion: Commanders Caught in the Crossfire.”  Chaplain Jimmy M. Browning, LtCol, USAF (2010) (Reviewed here.)

Strategic Implications of American Millennialism.” Brian L. Stuckert, Maj, US Army (2008) (Reviewed here.)

Constructing Religious Empathy in the US Military.” Jess W. Drab, Maj, USAF (2008) (Reviewed here.)

Religion in the Military: Navigating the Channel Between the Religion Clauses.” Linell Letendre, LtCol, USAF, and David Fitzkee, Maj, USA (Ret) (2007)

Later published in an abridged form as

Religious Speech in the Military: Freedoms and Limitations.” David Fitzkee, Maj, USA (Ret) (2011) (Reviewed here.)

Diverse Views of Religious Pluralism: Implications for the Military Chaplaincy.” Oleda Johnson, PhD. Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Directorate of Research (2001)

The Greatest Threat…Spiritual Decay.” R.L. VanAntwerp, LtCol, US Army (1992)