General Order Number One

General Order Number 1B (Iraq).
04 April 2009 [Superseded by GO1C.]
From paragraph 3:

3.L. Prohibited Activities: Proselytizing of any religion, faith, or practice.

General Order Number 1C.
21 May 2013
The updated GO1 substantially changed the wording of the traditional GO, including justification and explanation of almost every statement:

k. Religious Matters.

(1) This Order prohibits entrance into a mosque or other site of Islamic religious significance by non-Muslims…

(2) This Order prohibits creating or reproducing an image or likeness of the Prophet Muhammad.

(3) This order prohibits intentionally descrating or defiling the following:

(a) religious items or symbols (regardless of the religion);
(b) religious holy books, such as the Qur’an, Bible, or Torah…

(4) This Order prohibits proselytizing of any religion, faith, or practice to local nationals or third country nationals in countries in the USCENTCOM AOR. This rule does not prohibit Chaplains from performing their official religious duties.