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Unique Audio Bibles Bound for the Middle East

As noted at the ChristianPost, an organization called Faith Comes By Hearing and Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry have joined forces to make an innovative tool available for Christians in the military: a “military BibleStick.”  The device is a small mp3 player that comes pre-loaded with an “audio drama New Testament.”

As with Bibles and other religious material provided by private organizations to contacts within the military Read more

Campus Crusade’s “Rapid Deployment Kits”

Focus on the Family has expressed support for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry.  The Military Ministry is known for its “Rapid Deployment Kits,” which are a New Testament, Daily Bread devotional, and the evangelistic booklet How to Know God Personally, packaged in a ziploc bag.  One Air Force officer and aircrew is quoted as saying

I received the Rapid Deployment Kit a few months back and I want to extend my thanks. I carry my New Testament Bible in my flight suit when I fly. I read a Psalm before each flight Read more

Military Christian Leadership Forum

Regent University and Officers’ Christian Fellowship are hosting a one day forum on military Christian leadership called Strength in Faith.  The form will occur in October and will include speakers from OCF as well as Regent, including a former Chief of Naval Operations (Navy Chief of Staff) and a former Commander of AF Special Operations Command.

Christmas Prayers for Troops

The Christian Post notes that Christians across the country will unite in 2 days of prayer for American servicemen this weekend, as part of the larger “Pray for America,” which “recognizes the need to pray for the U.S. military and America:”

Pray for our soldiers and sailors now serving throughout the world and for the recovery of those wounded in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pray for an awareness of Christ in the lives of our military.

Pray for our military families dealing with the separation of their loved ones and for those whose loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Weinstein Targets Campus Crusade, Again

Michael Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation is again focused on Campus Crusade for Christ.  CCC is the parent organization of Christian Embassy, which was the impetus for an Inspector General investigation earlier this year that found officers unlawfully supported the organization.

Weinstein’s latest accusations–which he contends will be integrated into his ongoing lawsuit against an Army Major and the Secretary of Defense–revolve around the concept of “government-paid missionaries,” a term sometimes used in reference to Campus Crusade military members. Read more

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