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Insurgents Hide Heroin with the Quran

Previous articles have pointed out the tendency of enemies of the US to use American virtues as a weapon against the US military.  In Afghanistan recently, insurgents attempted to use sensitivity to religion — specifically, the Koran — as a means to hide drugs.

The heroin was discovered when the narcotics section of the Zabul ANP stopped an overloaded bus at a checkpoint. The inspection uncovered four burlap sacks containing bundles of books. Further inspection revealed the books had been hollowed out and were being used to disguise the heroin. Copies of the Quran were placed on top of the bundles in what is believed to be an effort to deter inspection.

The Afghan National Police said it was the “criminals” who had “defiled” the Koran and were “not true Muslims.”

When Americans have been accused of “defiling” the Koran, even falsely, riots have resulted.  When the enemies of America do the same thing…?

Christian Aid Groups Suspended in Afghanistan

Several sites have already documented the decision by the Afghan government to “suspend” the activities of two Christian aid groups after allegations of “proselytizing.”

US-based Church World Service and Norwegian Church Aid will not be allowed to operate while the allegations, aired Sunday on Afghan television, are investigated, said Mohammad Hashim Mayar, the deputy director of the Afghan government office that oversees nongovernment organizations, known as NGOs. 

Mayar said officials did not have any evidence of proselytizing beyond the television report…

Proselytizing is illegal in Afghanistan, as it is in many Muslim countries. It is a hot-button issue for many Afghans sensitive to the influence of the scores of foreign aid groups operating in the country to help it recover from decades of war.

CWS and NCA both denied the allegations.  For CWS, it was the first time Read more

Weinstein Fails to Intimidate with Lawsuit, Military Complaint

Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation isn’t shy about litigation.  He previously sued the US Air Force Academy and the US Department of Defense (twice).  He has threatened Trijicon with litigation after Trijicon said their critics were “not Christian.”  He threatened to sue a critic who sent him mocking emails.  He is currently suing former Navy Chaplain Klingenschmitt and his endorsers for “terrorist acts.”  His organization claims to be preparing to sue the Army over the treatment of a Muslim US Soldier.  And these are just the examples made public.

Now, Weinstein has threatened to file yet another lawsuit in his efforts to “litigate and agitate” his way into influence with regard to religion in the US military.

His latest lawsuit target?

The lengths to which Weinstein will go — even beyond a lawsuit — are a testament to his desperation.  Read more

Fleet Week Highlights Spiritual Support

Many events were sponsored by New York City and the US Navy in the 2010 Fleet Week, which ran from 26 May to 2 June.  Some may be surprised to hear about the “religious” events that were an official part of the prestigious celebration.

As noted in the 2010 New York City Navy Week schedule, Sailors served meals at a soup kitchen, housed in the landmark Church of the Holy Apostles.  There was a “blessing of the fleet,” conducted by Monsignor James Dorney of St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Read more

Land Calls for Filibuster over DADT Repeal

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, has called for a filibuster of the Defense Authorization Act, which currently has an amendment repealing the federal law banning homosexuals from serving in the US military:

“I’ve never known of a better excuse for a filibuster than to stop the Congress of the United States from essentially destroying the greatest military force our nation has ever known.”

Each of the four military service chiefs has expressed opposition to what is described as a “compromise” over DADT repeal; Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen’s position is Read more

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