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Weinstein Fails to Intimidate with Lawsuit, Military Complaint

Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation isn’t shy about litigation.  He previously sued the US Air Force Academy and the US Department of Defense (twice).  He has threatened Trijicon with litigation after Trijicon said their critics were “not Christian.”  He threatened to sue a critic who sent him mocking emails.  He is currently suing former Navy Chaplain Klingenschmitt and his endorsers for “terrorist acts.”  His organization claims to be preparing to sue the Army over the treatment of a Muslim US Soldier.  And these are just the examples made public.

Now, Weinstein has threatened to file yet another lawsuit in his efforts to “litigate and agitate” his way into influence with regard to religion in the US military.

His latest lawsuit target?

The lengths to which Weinstein will go — even beyond a lawsuit — are a testament to his desperation.  Read more

“How do I become a fighter pilot…?”

While has seen recognition among jurists, activists, soldiers, civilians, Christians and atheists from all points of view, it also remains a source of information for those asking some more basic questions:

How do I become a fighter pilot in the Air Force/Navy/Marines?

Questions on becoming a fighter pilot, from medical qualifications to the pilot lifestyle, remain one of the most often addressed topics (as are questions on fighter pilot lingo).  Much of the answer is available in the FAQ (and new questions are added as they are asked).  Believe it or not, there are actually few reliable sources of information on how to become a fighter pilot.  Even the official military sites can be confusing, incomplete, or contradictory, often because the information changes faster than the websites.

An internet search for “become a fighter pilot” will likely find the website of Marine fighter pilot Ed Rush, who has made a virtual living answering this question. His website,, features teases of dramatic “top secret” ways to virtually guarantee being selected as a fighter pilot.  He sells a “fighter pilot power pack” (the “current” price is $97) that claims to have the “tips and tricks” to give his customers an advantage over everyone else. Read more

Christianity in the Military: Truth with Feet

The following article uniquely addresses the spirit of “evangelism” promoted by many Christian military ministry organizations–the evangelism of life example.  Christian officers are encouraged to witness with “their feet”–the often silent witness of their everyday words, choices, and actions.  While there may be an appropriate time and place for cracking open a Bible and explaining the Gospel, far more often the Gospel is seen when Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines observe the lives of the military Christians in their midst.  Encouraging military Christians to live as models of Godly character–so that their example might influence others–is the heart of military ministry.

This article was written by Lieutenant Colonel Tom Schmidt, USA (Ret.), and is reprinted here in its entirety.

Truth with Feet

In his short, personal letter to Gaius, the apostle John commends his friend for walking in the truth. “It gave me great joy to have some brothers come and tell about your faithfulness to the truth and how you continue to walk in the truth” (3 John v.3).

Truth has feet. More than information merely shoved into our heads, truth is meant to fill our hearts and spill into our entire lives. John expounds Read more

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