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Christian Army Helo Pilot Killed in Training Accident

US Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin “Mose” Weiss was killed December 2nd when the two-seat AH-64 Apache helicopter he was flying crashed a few miles from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He is survived by his wife, Beth, and two young children, Lucas and Susie.

Beth wrote this letter about her fallen husband:

Written By Mrs. Bethany Weiss

God is my ultimate Provider, Jehovah-jireh is His name; one of the many ways He has provided for me was by giving me Kevin Mose Weiss.

At approximately the age of 12, I met Kevin Mose at AWANA Club. The mission of AWANA is to help “churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love, and serve God.” Kevin’s nickname at our AWANA Club was, “Monkey Boy”. A couple of my friends Read more


If serving You’s against the law of man
If living out my faith in You is banned
Then I’ll stand right before the jury

If saying I believe is out of line
If I’m judged cause I’m gonna give my life
To show the world the love that fills me
Then I want to be Guilty


Paris Train Heroes Motivated by Christian Faith

Within hours of three Americans thwarting a train-based terror attack in Europe, a few people quietly noted the three friends had been classmates at California’s Freedom Christian School. While the three themselves have not been particularly vocal about their faith, a few articles have now been published that attribute their courage and motivation to their Christianity:

On August 21st, Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos and college student Anthony Sadler were en route from Brussels to Paris on a high-speed train…

El Khazzani…was overwhelmed by the three young Americans and a Briton, 62-year-old businessman Chris Norman.

In what may seem a backwards Read more

Fighter Pilot Leaves Field of Combat for Mission Field

F-16 Fighter Pilot to Missionary Pilot
Photo by Shanda Moon.

A US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot is making the transition from the fields of combat to the mission field.

US Air Force Major Lance “Nuke” Ferguson has been a fighter pilot for nearly 11 years. He has flown combat missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and he wears the patch of the prestigious Air Force Weapons School — an honor and opportunity awarded to only a few fighter pilots each year, as well as a passport to future advancement. In every respect, Nuke is a highly-trained, experienced, and respected Air Force leader and fighter pilot.

Now this highly-skilled fighter pilot is doing what few could in the face of such God-granted success: He’s giving it up:  Read more

Russell Moore on Proactive American Christianity

In an American system of government, religious liberty is everyone’s problem because the state is accountable to the people, who are, ultimately, the governing authorities. A Christian, then, who doesn’t care about working for religious liberty is a Christian who is not only wishing to be persecuted, and to consign others to persecution, but is also a Christian who wishes to be, by his silence, a persecutor of others. This is contrary to the way of Christ (1 Pet. 2:12-17).

Read moreRead more

Vince Vaughn Comments on Pirated Movies at Edwards AFB

Actor Vince Vaughn recently visited Edwards Air Force Base, California, to show an advanced screening of “Unfinished Business.” The visit was coordinated through the USO, with which Vaughn became associated after Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan:

The death of the pro-football-player-turned-soldier really affected him, he said, and he immediately called the USO to see if he could bring his then-new comedy, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” to the troops.

The call led to his first USO tour, in June 2004. The following year, he traveled the world screening “Wedding Crashers” for servicemembers.

In an offhand comment, Vaughn “laughed as he told airmen” that he was surprised to find many deployed troops had already Read more

Chick-fil-A Founder Truett Cathy Dies

Truett Cathy, founder of the privately-held chicken sandwich chain Chick-fil-A, died last week at the age of 93. Cathy led a truly “faith-based” company, even eschewing opening on Sunday to provide his employees time with their families and a day of rest.

His business earned more in six days than other companies did in seven.

Like R.G. LeTourneau, Cathy demonstrated that one can live his life consistent with his faith and still be a successful professional. The Cathys never compromised their values, despite pressure to do so, and yet continued to treat everyone they served and employed with respect.

An uncompromising life for Christ can be a successful life even in this world. Read more

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