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Air Force Chaplain, US Troops Gain Perspective on Deployment

chaphonduras1US Air Force Chaplain (Capt) Timothy Dahl was recently deployed to Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, with Joint Task Force Bravo. Though not a traditional “combat” deployment (which makes the reference to “outside the wire” awkward), the trip provided many opportunities for both Dahl and those he served to expand their perspectives on the world:

We had nine orphanages that we were responsible for getting volunteers for. Almost every Saturday and some Sundays we had a group going out.

“One time we went into the mountains to check out a potential hike location beforehand and we saw a family bathing in a very deep ditch with lots of nasty water,” said Dahl. “They have no [plumbing] system in the mountains. I felt very blessed about where I got to sleep and bathe that night.

“It’s really easy for me to complain about my life,” added Dahl. “It’s really Read more

US Military Chaplains Remember 9/11

“Today we are reminded by the sacrifice of others that duty, loyalty, respect, and selfless service are not just words that we live by. They are words by which we offer on the Altar our living and breathing.

We are thankful, Almighty God that you have called these values out of men and women who have joined the American Military to protect and defend Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We believe, heavenly Father, that these are your self-evident truths. So, today we hold in prayer all those members of the Armed Forces who co-labor with you to defeat the enemies Read more

Beale AFB Chapel Hosts Therapy Camel

In an odd, if interesting, story, the Beale AFB chapel recently hosted “Hump-free” the camel in a recent resiliency event:

Hump-free, is a 13-year-old male dromedary (one hump) camel from Lyon Ranch in Sonoma, California. He has been a certified therapy animal for about 10 years.

camelThe event was intended to open up conversations about deployment and returning from deployment:  Read more

Deployed Chapels and Chaplains a Beacon of Light

An article from the Iowa Army National Guard described the value of the US military providing religious support for its troops:

A single, unassuming shelter stands out. On the surface, it looks just like the rest, except for one small detail – a small, navy blue flag, with a single white cross in the center.

Many Soldiers walk by this tent without a second thought. However, to a Soldier of faith, it’s a beacon of light in an otherwise dreary environment.

This flag is a cue to Soldiers of Task Force Ironman, Iowa Army National Guard that they have a place to practice their religion. Even in this unforgiving terrain, far from home, they’re offered a reminder they’re not alone.

Chapels and chaplains have occasionally been criticized by some for bringing religion to troops downrange — even in combat. What those critics frequently Read more

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