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XM25 Punisher Sees Combat in Afghanistan

The US Army’s latest technological marvel for the average Soldier has reportedly seen combat in Afghanistan.  The XM25 is an anti-defillade weapon, using lasers and programmable shells to deny the enemy the opportunity to hide behind protective cover.  Dubbed “the Punisher,” the XM25 has seen limited use in Afghanistan in an experimental status, but it has received continuous praise:  Continue reading

XM25 Deployed to Afghanistan

As previously noted, the Air Force isn’t the only service with lethal technological toys.

The Army has reportedly fielded the XM25 in Afghanistan.  The rifle-sized “Counter Defilade Target Engagement System” enables a Soldier to fire a projectile that will explode at a specific point in space; in short, he can kill the enemy hiding behind a wall.

With reports of increasing airstrikes and tanks being moved into Afghanistan, the XM25 may be another indicator of the military’s attempts to prevent a “fair” fight with its adversaries.

Soldiers Get High-Powered, High-Tech Toys

While the Air Force is often maligned for its reliance on technology, it is far from the only service to do so.  US Navy vessels boast some of the most advanced technology in the world on several fronts, and the US Army is no slacker either.  A recent report noted that Special Forces will soon be fielding the XM-25.

The XM-25 is a 25mm projectile rifle that uses a computed sight to determine the range to the target; it then programs the projectile to airburst above Continue reading