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Is it Biblical for Women to Lead in the Military?

Dr. Al Mohler answered an interesting question raised in his weekly podcast:

Is it Biblical for a woman to be a political or military leader?

Despite stereotype, most Christians don’t have this question. The question is most often posed by non-Christians hoping to make hay with Christians who haven’t thought much beyond the text of 1 Timothy.

Dr. Mohler provides a reasoned, though not necessarily short, reply:  Continue reading

Military Officer Accuses Marine Corps of “Legal Charade”

A recent article published by the ACLU was by-lined “Colleen Farrell, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.”  Captain Farrell slammed the US military for its “charade” in following the now-rescinded policies prohibiting women from certain combat roles.  As Captain Farrell describes it, the policies were not that females couldn’t serve in combat roles; as executed, the policies prevented females from serving greater than 45 days in a combat role:

Because of the combat exclusion policy, women Marines Continue reading

Richard Land on Women in Combat

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, had this to say about the recent decision to allow women into all combat roles:

Land…called the change a “tragic mistake” that will have “grievous consequences.”

“[But] not because women are not capable of performing most of the combat roles to which they will be assigned,” Land said. “They certainly are capable in modern warfare of flying planes and driving tanks Continue reading

Soldiers, ACLU Sue for Right to Combat

The ACLU and four female servicemembers have sued the Department of Defense because the DoD officially excludes women from (some) combat roles.  (This is the second such suit to be filed this year, though “ACLU” may get a little more attention than “University of Virginia.”)  The justification is largely similar to that which supported the repeal of DADT and the recent legalization of marijuana in some states: People are doing it anyway, so it might as well be made official. 

In fact, the ACLU almost explicitly borrows the DADT mantra Continue reading

Army Chief of Staff Supports Women in Combat

The US Army Chief of Staff, General Ray Odierno, has said he wants an expanded role for women in combat units:

“We need them there. We need their talent,” he said. “This is about managing talent. We have incredibly talented females who should be in those positions.”

As with prior discussions, the article seems to place more emphasis on the “lost opportunities” for career advancement due to the lack of combat experience Continue reading

All-Female Flight, Female Flight Suits, and Female Fighter Pilots

According to the Air Force Times, the all-female F-15E Strike Eagle combat flight orchestrated as part of Women’s History Month “spark[ed] debate” over the issue of women in combat.  The article is largely composed of reader inputs to the Times’ calls for comment.  Most of the comments support lifting restrictions, and most (including women) also say the standards should be the same for men and women.

The ironic part of that statement is men and women aren’t currently held to the same standard; for example, in every service women have different Continue reading

Women in the Military: Statistics, and the First Female JFACC

Previous articles have noted the recommendation by a government panel that women be allowed in all military roles, including combat, because their careers suffer when they are compared to males with broader or combat experience.

A recent article highlighting female Army aviators noted the statistic:

According to a study released earlier this month by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, women account for only 16 percent of leadership positions in the military – a seemingly staggering statistic to release during National Women’s History Month.

The very next sentence, however, puts the statistic in perspective:  Continue reading

Women in Combat Have Three Times Suicide Rate

USA Today notes preliminary data from the US Army indicates “the suicide rate for female soldiers triples when they go to war.”

The findings…show that the suicide rate rises from five per 100,000 to 15 per 100,000 among female soldiers at war. Scientists are not sure why but say they will look into whether women feel isolated in a male-dominated war zone or suffer greater anxieties about leaving behind children and other loved ones.

Some might earlier have called that last statement sexist, particularly in light of recent recommendations that women be allowed in combat Continue reading