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Allen West Compares Mikey Weinstein, ISIS

In an interesting twist to an old tale, Allen West — a retired Army LtCol and former Florida Representative — compared the “covert action of atheist groups” in the United States to the militant attacks by the terrorist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

What is the difference between the violent actions of ISIS and the covert actions of these atheist groups? Let’s be honest, the desired end state and result is the same — the death of Christianity.

Citing Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s attacks on religious liberty (specifically, his support for the  Navy lodges banning Gideon Bibles), West said  Continue reading

Air Force Leader Calls Staff Meeting, Announces Sexuality

Retired Air Force LtCol Chris Rowzee, a 1984 graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a leader of the homosexual activist AMPA, recently gave a speech at a homosexual march in Ohio. Here’s how she describes what happened after DADT was repealed:

After coming out to my chain of command, I called my subordinate staff into my office, my senior NCOs, my junior officers, and I told them.

Nothing like an official military staff meeting called so the boss can announce her sexuality.

In an interesting contrast, some people (like Mikey Weinstein’s Continue reading

Navy Bans Bibles after Atheist Complaint

Update: The Navy has reversed the decision of NEXCOM, saying it was made without consultation with Navy leadership.  The Bibles will be returned to the hotel rooms and will not be removed.  Retired Chaplain (Col) Ron Crews had called on the Navy to reverse the policy.  The Navy now joins the Air Force in having been attacked for its lodging facility Bibles — and, for the moment, withstood the attack.  Also at the Christian Post, OneNewsNow, the Washington Times, Religion News Service, the New American, and USA Today.

As first reported by the American Family Association, the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a complaint with the US Navy because there were Gideon Bibles in the nightstands at Navy lodging facilities.

So the Navy decided to remove them.

“The current direction is to remove all religious material from Navy Lodge guest rooms,” read an email to a Navy chaplain from The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM).

Jason Torpy of the MAAF tried a few years ago to Continue reading

USAFA SPIRE Leaders Protect Religious Freedom under New Regulation

The US Air Force Academy recently met with all of its SPIRE volunteers — faith representatives who help USAFA with its spiritual support through the Special Program in Religious Education program [emphasis added]:

About 60 volunteers from Buddhist, Earth-Centered, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Latter Day Saints, Catholic and Protestant groups gathered to review leadership guidelines and sign a SPIRE Memorandum of Agreement before working with cadets.

“The volunteers are like tentacles of the chapel,” said Chaplain Continue reading

Atheists Attack Military Bibles, DoD Defends

The American Humanist Association claims it wants to support religious freedom when it demands an atheist chaplain. Simultaneously, it is threatening “legal action” because camouflage Bibles are available at a military inprocessing station for the Missouri National Guard.

The…recruitment center for the National Guard as well as other military offices…exhibited and offered camouflage-covered Bibles free of charge to recruits enlisting in the National Guard…The letter was sent on behalf of an anonymous recruit who felt that the government was impermissibly endorsing the Bibles and coercing recruits to take them…

The letter demands that the government immediately cease its practice of offering Bibles to National Guard recruits and remove any biblical literature from its possession.

The person who complained was a member of Continue reading

US Soldier Forced Out over Religion, Sues US Army

US Army Master Sergeant Nathan Sommers made waves last year when he said he faced retribution from the Army for political bumper stickers, reading conservative political books, and serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at his promotion party after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Those controversies apparently boiled over into what the Army called a substandard performance evaluation (which MSgt Sommers contested). The poor evaluation triggered a review of his continued enlistment, and he was recommended for discharge — even as his other appeals were still being processed. Since he was eligible to retire, he was essentially forced to do so.

The day after he retired, he filed a lawsuit claiming he was forced out of the military due to his religious beliefs.

Master Sergeant Nathan Sommers, a 25-year veteran of the military and a decorated soloist in the U.S. Army Band Chorus, claims he was forcibly retired from the Army due to his religious and conservative political beliefs.

MSgt Sommers may have one of the stronger cases Continue reading

General Johnson “Comfortable” with Religion at USAFA

US Air Force Academy superintendent Lt Gen Michelle Johnson on the religious environment at USAFA:

Q. …Do you feel there is now an accepting environment in the academy as far as tolerating people of different faiths or of no faith, or are you concerned about inappropriate proselytization on campus?

A. I feel good about where we are…  Continue reading

Will Mikey Weinstein Fear US Marine Corps Chaplaincy? (Video)

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein — the man who runs a “charity” that claims Christians in the US military are trying to start a nuclear war — may have a new reason for fear. You see, RAdm Brent W. Scott just became the chief Chaplain of the entire US Marine Corps.

As the senior Navy chaplain serving in the Marine Corps, Scott will oversee nearly 300 chaplains and 250 religious program specialists currently supporting the spiritual needs of Marines. He will also serve as a key advisor to the commandant on religious accommodation, morals and ethics, and the spiritual welfare of the force.

New US Navy Chief of Chaplains RAdm Margaret Kibben, Chaplain Scott’s new boss, was enthusiastic about Scott and the importance of his position:  Continue reading

US Navy Gets First Female Chief of Chaplains

With the retirement of Rear Adm Mark Tidd, Rear Adm Margaret Kibben, formerly the US Navy’s Deputy Chief of Chaplains and Chief of Chaplains for the Marine Corps, was promoted to Rear Admiral (Upper Half) and assumed the position of Chief of Chaplains for the US Navy.

Both her promotion and assumption of duties marked a historic event for the Navy and its Chaplain Corps as Kibben became the first female chief of Navy chaplains and the first female Navy chaplain to hold the rank of rear admiral upper half.

As the new Chief Chaplain, RAdm Kibben, who is endorsed by the PC(USA), “pledged” to have her chaplains support service members and their families

so that they “grow spiritually, are certain of their moral and ethical foundations, and are free and able to exercise and enjoy a community of faith.”

Chaplain on Life Decisions

Chaplain (LtCmdr) Harvey Macklin recently had the opportunity to give a sermon to “improve unit cohesion.” He was able to see his Marines grow “not just as warriors, but also as strong spiritual leaders:”

[Soldiers are] going to have to make a decision one day on who they’re going to follow and what they’re going to put their trust in. From my perspective, trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior to lead us, guide us; to help us with our mind, our heart, our soul and our strength, is who we are. Everything else comes after that. Bravery, courage, obedience, loyalty; it all comes out of who you are. If you don’t know yourself, you’re going to have very little success in life.

Read more.

US Military Highlights Respect for Muslims

A report at FoxNews highlights a message from US Army Col. Kevin Glasz, brigade commander of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, regarding respect for Islam during Ramadan:

“This is a period of great personal restraint and commitment in addition to renewed focus on worship,” Brigade Commander Col. Kevin Glasz wrote. “I’d like to encourage you to learn just a little more about this religion, but more importantly, I’m asking you to be considerate and do not consume food or drink in front of our Muslim colleagues; it is a simple, yet respectful action.”

In contrast from policies governing US military personnel in Bahrain, which was highlighted here last month, the USUHS is in Maryland, and there are no laws in Maryland governing Ramadan.

Optimistically viewed, it is just a supportive statement from the military to help others respect the faiths of those around them. But as an anonymous Marine officer is quoted in pointing out, this kind of “supportive statement” is only used in reference to IslamContinue reading

Retiring Army Chaplain on Priorities

US Army III Corps Command Chaplain (Col) Matthew Goff recently relinquished his pastoral leadership and retired. He used the opportunity to provide his advice on how to “do well through all the days in your life:”

“Your first commitment in life is your commitment to God and the practice of your faith. The second commitment is the commitment to your family. Last, your commitment to this profession.”

God, family, profession.

His sage advice is similar to what many Christians are taught in their faith. (The same priorities are discussed in “Christian Fighter Pilot” is not an Oxymoron, and here.) You cannot have a right relationship with people if you do not first have a right relationship with God. To the second priority, the US military similarly recognizes a service member cannot faithfully fulfill their commitment to the Service if they are not fulfilling their commitments to their families.

Read more about Chaplain Goff’s ceremony here.

Military Prohibits Recognition at Vacation Bible School

Update: Tony Perkins addresses the issue at One News Now. Also at the Christian Post.

Todd Starnes at FoxNews reports on the decision by a local National Guard armory not to be recognized at a local Vacation Bible School — because, they said, it would violate the military policies on religion.  (The Washington Times and others subsequently picked up the story.)

Bible Baptist Church in Carthage…decided to honor the military during their annual Vacation Bible School. The theme was “God’s Rescue Squad.” And each day of the week, the church invited local “rescue squads” to visit with the boys and girls.

The paramedics came on Monday and on Continue reading

US Soldiers Learn about Islam, Ramadan

Soldiers in Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC, have been able to take breaks in training on Saturday evenings to attend classes on Islam and Ramadan. Muslim Soldiers attended — and they also invited their fellow Soldiers:

Muslim Soldiers…gathered at the Main Post Chapel Saturday evening to learn about Islam and to partake in the fast breaking, or iftar. They all invited non-Muslim Continue reading