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Local Paper Chides USAFA for Stealing

It doesn’t seem Pam Zubeck has ever really been a fan of the US Air Force Academy.  As noted previously, she featured prominently in Michael Weinstein’s book from her days when she was a reporter at the Colorado Springs Gazette, and she was practically his public relations outlet there. 

She’s now at the local “independent” paper, where she continues to act as a PR tool for Weinstein and take shots at USAFA.  Recently, she noted USAFA had used Associated Press articles in its base paper — which it can’t do — after it copied them from the USAFA athletic website, which can have those articles:  Continue reading

Air Force Academy Announces Cheating Incident

The US Air Force Academy has issued a release indicating as many as 78 cadets may have been involved in a cheating scandal

Up to 78 Air Force Academy cadets cheated on an online calculus test by getting help during the exam from a website, the academy said Wednesday.

Most of the cadets took responsibility for their actions and have begun a six-month remediation program, a type of academic probation, said Lt. Col. John Bryan, an academy spokesman.

The circumstances seem somewhat unique compared Continue reading

USAFA to Weinstein: It’s What We Call the Chain of Command

The Commandant of Cadets at the US Air Force Academy, BrigGen Richard Clark, reportedly distributed a memorandum to all USAFA cadets on Wednesday.  He included the memorandum from the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Norton Schwartz, as an attachment.

As predicted, Michael Weinstein claimed victory.

Of course, Weinstein is claiming “victory” about something over which he had neither control nor influence.  In fact, his demands were completely ignored.  To wit, Weinstein said:

MRFF has twice demanded that Gould so [sic] distribute this directive…to all Academy personnel, staff, cadets and government contractors…

For the record, an assessment:  Continue reading

Weinstein Threatens Legal Action Against Gazette

Michael Weinstein, ever the critic, apparently doesn’t take kindly to criticism himself.

The Colorado Springs Independent reports Weinstein’s lawyers sent a “warning” to the publisher of the Colorado Springs Gazette over its recent editorial criticizing Weinstein’s attack on the US Air Force Academy’s prayer luncheon.

[Gazette Editor Wayne] Laugesen’s editorial scolded Weinstein for attempting to infringe on free-speech rights, and said Weinstein opposed McClary’s appearance “because he is Christian.”

“That is false, and I have no doubt Mr. Laugesen and the Gazette know it full well,” Dallas attorney Randal Mathis writes…, adding that “publishing the statement is obviously calculated to offend, scare, and potentially mislead to the point of inciting unstable people.” Mathis makes Continue reading

MRFF Accuses USAFA Speaker of “Illegal” Conduct

Michael Weinstein has faced an onslaught of criticism in the past few days over his demand that the US Air Force Academy rescind Lt Clebe McClary’s invitation to the 10th Air Base Wing’s National Prayer Luncheon.  Several organizations, and even some of his own supporters, are seeing the hypocrisy and extremism in his call for LtGen Gould’s ouster over the religious beliefs of an invited speaker.

Apparently seeing no movement after their initial accusations, Chris Rodda, the MRFF research assistant, has now called McClary’s conduct “illegal:”

Lt. McClary also regularly violates Titles 10 and 18 of U.S. Code by appearing at his speaking engagements, both military and civilian, in a Marine uniform, something that, apparently, not a single military attendee at any of his numerous appearances on military bases has informed him is illegal.

In an unusual move for her, Rodda actually cites the law she claims McClary broke.  Of course, she doesn’t say what part of the hundreds of paragraphs of law within Titles 10 or 18 are at issue.  Here are some that areContinue reading