Military Homosexuals Fight Over Consent for Having Children

A “divorced” lesbian couple, one of whom was in the military, is now fighting over an unusual issue of child support — the “consent” to having kids.

It seems Wife #1 (females are always wives, males are always husbands, in an atypical continuation of a “gender norm” in the LGBT community) was deployed with the military, and while gone, Wife #2 decided to have a baby — which, biologically, requires no input from Wife #1, but is still legally Wife #1’s child. Now, Wife #1 (who filed for divorce upon returning from deployment) wants to “sever her parental rights” — so she doesn’t have to pay child support:

The woman seeking to end her parental rights didn’t agree to her then-wife getting pregnant through a sperm donor, wasn’t there for the baby’s birth and never had a meaningful relationship with the child, her attorney, Rebecca Copeland, told the justices.

The case is being heard at the Hawaii State Supreme Court. Interestingly, the justices’ primary concern was apparently that homosexuals were being asked to be treated differently than heterosexuals: Read more

President Obama Gives Shout Out to Homosexuals, Muslims at USAFA

usafaobamaWhen speaking of the “values” that are an enduring element of America’s power, President Obama said this during the graduation address at the US Air Force Academy yesterday:

We’re stronger when our gay and lesbian cadets and troops can serve their country…without hiding who they love.

Of all the quotes in the long speech on war, policies, sacrifice and the future, this is what the White House highlighted with a “tweet” — and this is what USAFA retweeted.

While this statement received an affirming Read more

Homosexuals: “Shame, shame, shame” on Liberty University for Denying Military Tuition Discount

The homosexual advocacy group American Military Partner Association tried mightily to cause an outcry after Liberty University refused to give a military spouse discount to a homosexual “wife” of a female service member. On spouseBuzz, a subsidiary of, a homosexual woman described as “Army spouse Janay” was denied the discount and said

Liberty’s response has actually hurt my feelings a little bit. We are all equal no matter what and after speaking with a representative from Liberty I don’t feel as if we are all equal. I kind of feel like an outsider…

The AMPA amped up the rhetoric, with Ashley Broadway-Mack saying  Read more

Homosexuals Claim Discrimination over Military Marriage Retreat

As repeal of the policy known as “don’t ask, don’t tell” was occurring “uneventfully,” critics of repeal repeatedly noted that the other shoe had yet to drop on certain points of controversy.

For example, how would the military handle the potential of homosexuals wanting to attend marriage seminars or retreats — when the chaplains who lead them may not affirm a homosexual lifestyle, and the troops who attend them may theologically disagree with homosexuality?

It would seem the shoe finally dropped — and homosexual advocates have claimed “discrimination.”

For its part, the Air Force appears to have been the first service to publish explicit guidance on how to handle such situations:

When you advertise a [Marriage Care] retreat, announce the chaplain who will be leading the event and the chaplain’s endorser.  If the chaplain is permitted to train same-gender couples in a MC event, then you may register all eligible married couples.  However, if the chaplain is not permitted to train same-gender couples in a MC event, be prepared to offer…a MC event at another base or at a later date to a same-gender married couple.

If a same-gender married couple will be attending a MC event, make this known to the other couples as they register.  If those couples choose not to register for this event, be prepared to offer them…a MC event at another base or at a later date.

As was discussed at the time, the Air Force has recognized Read more

Military Homosexuals: Little to Discuss

Occurring fairly regularly since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, another news article characterizes the “non-event” of the decision to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the US military.

[Lt Jonathan] Roman and two other Fort Gordon personnel said they have experienced limited instances of discrimination since the repeal was enacted in September 2011.

Similar articles have come out every few months with the same caveats — interrupted occasionally by an article that says the military is “struggling” with this “non-event.”

One question the press hasn’t seemed to consider:  Have heterosexuals or religious troops experienced discrimination since repeal?


US Military Homosexuals Find Conflict in Foreign Policies

The Stars and Stripes highlights the issues with open homosexuals trying to obtain official status while serving with US forces in Korea:

Romel Ballesteros can drive on post, drop his sons off at school, sign in guests and use the bank. But he can’t put gas in the family car or shop for groceries.

The stay-at-home father of two won’t even be allowed to watch his sons visit Santa Claus at U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan’s post exchange during the Christmas season.

The reason?

Ballesteros is married to a man…

The article seems to imply the US military is to blame:  Read more

SecDef “Blasts” States Not Granting Homosexuals ID Cards

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel “blasted” nine states whose National Guard bureaus have refused to process requests for homosexual benefits at their state facilities.  In his Oct 31 speech to the Anti-Defamation League, Hagel said

several states today are refusing to issue these IDs to same-sex spouses at National Guard facilities.  Not only does this violate the states’ obligations under federal law, but their actions have created hardship and inequality by forcing couples to travel long distances to federal military bases to obtain the ID cards they’re entitled to.

This is wrong.  It causes division among our ranks, and it furthers prejudice, which DoD has fought to extinguish, as has the ADL.

The situation is intriguing, because by calling these states “wrong,” Secretary Hagel appears to be calling the citizens who voted state laws into place “wrong.”  If a state has a constitutional amendment that refuses to recognize a homosexual relationship — an amendment passed by the citizens of the state — it naturally follows that the offices of the state, including its National Guard, would adhere to those laws.

Secretary Hagel continued:  Read more

Newsworthy? Homosexuals Get Military Benefits

Since the Supreme Court overturned a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, many outlets have run news stories about homosexuals obtaining military benefits, some published by the military itself.

The US Army made a point of publishing a press release highlighting that “Same-sex spouses of Soldiers now receiving benefits.”  It also reiterated the controversial “gay leave” policy:

Soldiers assigned to duty stations within Read more

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