Senate Declines to Promote Fratricide Fighter Pilot

The US Senate declined to promote a Navy Captain to Admiral over an incident that occurred more than 20 years ago:  he shot down a US Air Force fighter.

A Senate committee has refused to approve a promotion to admiral for a Navy officer who, as a young fighter pilot during a training mission, deliberately shot down an Air Force plane whose flier has suffered a life of pain from his forced ejection, The Washington Times reported.

US Navy Captain Timothy Dorsey’s promotion had been opposed by retired Air Force LtCol Michael Ross — the pilot he shot down.

The Senate did not approve the promotion, but it did not deny it.  The Pentagon can still submit the Captain’s name next year.  For his part, Capt Dorsey still seems hopeful:

Capt. Dorsey told The Times: “I still look forward to the confirmation process and look forward to confirmation by the Senate.”