US Troops Celebrate Easter in the Middle East

US troops celebrated the resurrection of the Jesus Christ around the world, including in the Middle East:

U.S. Army Soldiers deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Spartan Shield greet the Easter morning sunrise on a hilltop in Jordan less than 60 miles from where many Christians recognize as the resurrection site for Jesus of Nazareth, April 4, 2021. (Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Suzanne Ringle, Task Force Spartan Public Affairs)

A few years ago, Chris Rodda claimed things like this “convince the Muslims we’re on a crusade”, as if “the Muslims” is a thing. Since Rodda and Michael “Mikey” Weinstein believe offense is more important than rights, they think liberty should be restricted to avoid hurt feelings at all cost.

As you can see, her complaints haven’t had amounted to much, and military religious freedom remains — as it should.


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  • Patriot Pastor

    Chris Rodda has a revisionist history for someone who prides herself and being an “historian.”