Breaking: US Military Bans Gay Pride Flag on Installations

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper issued a memorandum that, according to one news outlet, “effectively” banned the Confederate flag — without saying so:

The new guidance governs the display and depiction of flags on military installations, and while the policy does not specifically mention the Confederate battle flag, it is not listed among the flags permitted to be displayed…

“The flags we fly must accord with the military imperatives of good order and discipline, treating all our people with dignity and respect, and rejecting divisive symbols,” Esper added.

Critics of the flag are celebrating — but don’t seem to realize the guidance bans the LGBT or “gay pride” flag, as well. Members of the US military have flown the rainbow/gay pride flag in Afghanistan and around the world on US military installations, and US troops have even stood in formation under it.

Though potentially unintentional, if you’re going to have a “neutral” policy toward flags (another question altogether), then it should “effectively” ban the gay pride flag. Waving a flag that celebrates a particular sexual practice is not only weird (and offensive), it also does not comport with military imperatives of good order and discipline, and it is a divisive symbol that should be rejected.

When the LGBT/homosexual movement realizes this, though, it will be curious to see if they continue to celebrate — or, once again, demand special treatment.

Incidentally, for those that might wonder, the US military “Christian” flag is actually an official chapel flag, so it is not covered by the ban. It’s unclear whether the ban would cover those custom seasonal “flags” that people hang from their porches.

Also at FoxNews.