The Vietnam POWs would tap “GBU”. It meant “God Bless You.”

Retired Air Force Col Carlyle “Smitty” Harris was shot down over Vietnam on 4 April 1965. He spent nearly eight years as a Prisoner of War.

He recently published a book entitled Tap Code, based on the method of communication the POWs employed in the Hanoi Hilton. In an interview with the local Daily Journal in Tupelo, Harris said

There were times – too many to count – when a prisoner was taken from his cell, beaten and tortured mercilessly and then tossed back into his cell.

Those were the moments the tap code brought comfort and compassion, when other POWs would tap GBU, GBU – which means, God bless you, God Bless you.

Maybe Col Smitty — F-105 fighter pilot, POW, senior officer — could explain to Mikey Weinstein — former AF Captain and questionable lawyer — what the Bible on the POW table means to him.

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