Teacher Sues After Being Fired for Transgender Pronoun Use

Peter Vlaming, a Virginia school teacher fired for using female pronouns for a female student who wanted to be male, has sued over his improper termination:

Vlaming’s termination in December as a French teacher at West Point (Virginia) High School came after he agreed to call a transgender ninth-grader by a new male name but declined to use male pronouns to reference the student, according to the lawsuit filed September 30 in Virginia state court. Instead, he never used pronouns in the student’s presence—except for one accidental slip-up.

Worse, of course, is the fact it appears to not be in dispute that Vlaming treated all of his students with respect.

Yet, that is not enough. It cannot merely be tolerated, it must be supported and promoted.

The idea that a child can dictate the morals of an adult is ludicrous enough. Worse, though, is the Orwellian “progressives” who would punish American citizens until they agree to say black is actually white.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Vlaming.

Also at the Washington Post.