Activists use Uniformed US Troops for Political Agenda

Members of the US military aren’t permitted to engage in partisan politics in uniform, nor are they supposed to permit others use them for that purpose. They are also not permitted to “use contemptuous words” against the Commander-in-Chief — in or out of uniform.*

Unless, of course, they’re LGBTQ.

For years the American Military Partner Association blatantly paraded uniformed military members around in support of its political agenda, and it did so even while engaging in outright political lobbying. Its successor, the oddly named “Modern Military Association of America” (apparently “modern” now means non-heterosexual), now does the same thing. (Given that it’s the same people under a different name, it shouldn’t be a surprise.)

The MMAA’s Facebook page recently highlighted a Washingtonian article about US Air Force TSgt Alexandria Holder — a “transgender woman” (that is, a man). The article itself was relatively benign, but the MMAA didn’t portray it that way:

MMAA is proud to support US Air Force TSgt Alexandria Holder​ and thousands of transgender patriots like her. Together, we must — and we will — overturn Donald Trump’s unconscionable transgender military ban.

Sorry, but members of the US military can’t wear their uniforms and work “together” to “overturn” anything by their Commander-in-Chief, much less describe it as “unconscionable.” And if the MMAA were representing something other than “modern” sexuality, they’d likely be taken to task.

To wit, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has routinely mocked, derided, and called for the ouster of US military members who have dared to wear their uniform and publicly associate themselves with religion or religious organizations (see, for example, Chaplain Costin) — even when it was the organizations, and not the individual themselves, using their images and uniforms.

But associating yourself with sex, transgenderism, and public opposition to the Commander-in-Chief (when it’s Donald Trump) is ok, apparently. (Endorsing a presidential candidate while in uniform also seems to leave the outrage machine unfazed — so long as the candidate is a Democrat.  Just ask US Army Maj Ginger Tate.)

TSgt Holder would do well to ask the MMAA to remove its post; but it seems unlikely he will.

*This isn’t a new conversation.  In fact, it has been discussed with respect to Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton, just to name a few.