Update: Mikey Weinstein Compares President Trump with Assassinated Roman Emperor

Regarding the speech discussed earlier today by Vice President Pence, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein eventually followed through and did not disappoint, calling Pence

one of the most repulsive and repellent fundamentalist Christian supremacists and bullies…

It’s almost funny to hear the vituperative, loud-mouthed, threat-filled Mikey Weinstein called Mike Pence — one of the most peaceable, humble men in politics today — a “bully.” Project much, Mikey?

President Trump re-tweeted Pence’s statement that the “Bible stays” — bringing this issue of religious liberty to the forefront of millions of people.  In response, Mikey Weinstein called the President of the United States the “Caligula-in-Chief.”

Caligula was a Roman Emperor — who was assassinated.

Maybe Mikey needs a visit from the Secret Service and the IRS.



  • I wish Mikey would develop better knowledge of life. I mean would the kid truly know a bully if he ever met one? I guess we can all hope.

  • “repellent fundamentalist Christian supremacist and bully” and “Caligula”?

    Like any overused soap flake jingle, the terms “jackbooted thug” and “Hitler” have started falling on rhetorically exhausted ears. It’s time to step up your game Mikey! Your fellow left wing post modern anti-education minions have insured that polysyllabic words and historical references fall on ears deafened and dumbed down by NEA indoctrination.

    I’m positive that Michael “Mikey” L. Weinstein Esq (Esquire? Extend that pinkie when slurping that lifer juice in my presence Sergeant!), will again fail to take my advice and miss his targeted audience by again spouting rhetorical nonsense that thanks to their education have no ability to understand. I’m taking bets that the next cycle of inappropriate hysterical insults will be “neo-Byzantine anti-papist goober” and “Xerxes”