Chick-fil-A, the Bible, and the Missing Man Table

While Michael “Mikey” Weinstein and others have been attacking the Bible on POW/MIA tables, Chick-fil-A made waves last month when itsĀ restaurants around the country put up POW/MIA tables…with Bibles:

With more at PowerLineBlog. Checkmate, atheists.



  • Thank you chick-fil-a

    God bless you, your family, workers and customers

    Thank you Christian Fighter Pilot for you great effort in bringing the good news.

    • Yes, God bless Chick fil-a for standing with our missing vets and supporting with the truth of God’s Word.

  • Susan K. Hisey

    Finally! Our God and military are honored. A fantastic blessing for all.

    Thank you chick-fil-a and all who work in your wonderful establishment.

    I also thank Christian Fighter Pilot for your continual good work to keep us
    informed. His blessings on you.