Three Female Generals and Air Force Pilots Posed for a Picture in February. Two Have Now Been Fired.

Two-star MajGen Dawn Dunlop was, until May 31st, the director of the Defense Department’s Special Access Programs Central Office. (That’s the office that handles programs so secretive they require even more clearances than usual — “special access.”)  According to the Pentagon, Gen Dunlop was removed in response to an ongoing IG investigation. Anonymous sources quoted in the article indicated Gen Dunlop created a “toxic” leadership environment.

Gen Dunlop was feted as the Air Force’s highest ranking female fighter pilot.

This was a month after BrigGen Kristin Goodwin was fired from her position at the US Air Force Academy — also during an IG investigation apparently regarding her leadership style and treatment of subordinates.

Interestingly, both BrigGen Goodwin and MajGen Dunlop recently took a photo with BrigGen Leavitt during the build up to the release of the Captain Marvel movie, representing the highest ranking female pilots in the Air Force:

For her part, BrigGen Leavitt was recently nominated for a second star. Hope she’s not superstitious.



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    • @a. viet vet

      if you are a true believer you cannot serve in any capacity…otherwise you are…not a christian…

      Wait..what? Humble much? Let me know when you have something to contribute to the conversation.

    • A lot of fighter pilots, bomber crew members (like my uncle), Marines, Navy and Army personnel were Christians in WWII, are you going to spit on their grave as well?? To get to the point, one of my uncles was a bombardier on B-24’s in the Pacific who pushed that button to drop bombs on Japanese targets as ordered to, and he did his service with distinction and honor. My father was part of the ground crew for a Marine fighter squadron on Guadalcanal, getting those fighters ready so that Marine pilots can attack Japanese aircraft and targets, and he did that with distinction and honor as well.

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  • Michael Martin

    The above article is about 3 female AF generals, two of whom have been removed from their commands while under investigation for various complaints about their leadership. Those commands need to function efficiently at all times. Obviously, per the complaints, that was not happening under the leadership of the two in question, so they were removed pending the completion of an investigation to determine the validity of the complaints. Makes sense to me.

    It is unfortunate for the two generals if the complaints are unfounded, yet their former units need to continue functioning regardless of who is in charge. That is the top priority. Meanwhile, let the investigators do their work and conclude with either an exoneration or some form of appropriate disciplinary action.

    We live in a fallen world, where absolutely perfect justice is impossible to attain. But, all things considered, I believe that this course of action is the best for everyone involved.

    As to the ignorant accusations, and self-righteous rantings of “a. viet vet”, they are completely irrelevant to the case under consideration here. However, he provides an interesting parallel. He is like many accusers in today’s culture who demand that the whole world stop and heed their personal complaints regardless of whatever else is going on. It is all about them—nothing else matters. He is a child throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of an adult conversation.