Soul Survivor Has Reached 5,000 US Troops for Christ

CBN News profiles Soul Survivor Outdoor, a nonprofit outreach ministry that takes US troops on outdoor adventures — and has reached 5,000 troops for Christ since it was founded in 2014. One one hand, it is a basic outdoor ministry:

Soul Survivor Outdoor hosts free outdoor adventure events like skydiving, rock-climbing, rappelling, and sailing to reach active duty military, veterans, and their families.

On the other, SSO’s exciting events have

focused on building or re-building a solid life foundation, gave our military service members a chance to relax and let their guard down, unpack the stress of daily life, refresh their spirit, clear their minds, re-build confidence in self and others, and ultimately provided an opportunity to restore their souls.

Yet, they know it’s ultimately not about rock climbing or sky diving:

Wolf said although there are programs to help veterans and even active duty soldiers manage these issues, most don’t deal with the root cause.

“As Christians, we know the real answer is Jesus Christ,” he added.

Sky diving notwithstanding, that is living with No Fear.