Mikey Weinstein, Fearing Lawsuit Failure, Stages Book Stunt

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein announced that his MRFF — which is currently suing to have a Bible removed from a POW/MIA display at the Manchester VA — had staged a stunt in which a “client” placed a stack of texts on the POW/MIA table of varying faith traditions.

The VA said it would not “tolerate” organizations messing with the displays and would remove the other books, which mirrored their other forceful statement protecting the display.

Importantly, having other faith texts placed on the display is not the “relief sought” in the current lawsuit. The suit seeks only the removal of the Bible.

James L. Chamberlain, the token plaintiff and vehicle for Weinstein’s vitriol, issued a statement that appeared to complain the Bible was secured [formatting original]:

We have a beautiful Bible, LOCKED in a plexiglass box, with no way of knowing its contents.

Apparently, because the Bible was secured in a locked container, Weinstein’s minions were unable to remove it, so they stacked books on the table instead — then took photos, then sent those photos out in a press release.

In other words, they validated the very reason the Bible was secured to begin with.

Presumably, if Weinstein thought his lawsuit would prevail and the Bible would be removed, he would have the patience to let the case run its course.  That would certainly appear to grant him the moral high ground.  Instead, his group “vandalized” the display of another private organization.  Weinstein can’t even amend his current lawsuit with this latest information to strengthen it.

What Weinstein should have done (and will consider now, since he’s reading this), was apply for permission to erect a display just like the POW/MIA group did.  Then he could amend his lawsuit to note he’d tried to put up one that was more “inclusive” but was denied — if they’d even denied it.

Instead, Mikey threw a tantrum worthy of a three-year old.

Why bother filing the lawsuit if you’re not going to let it run its course — unless your objective is publicity and not justice? (For the record, Weinstein appears to be contradicting his research assistant Chris Rodda and says the MRFF is “sponsoring” the lawsuit, not filing it.  Given the MRFF’s history of only using pro bono lawyers, its unclear what, precisely, they’re “sponsoring.”)

If your legal case is so weak you feel the need to stage publicity stunts, you’re clearly not doing well. Sadly, the MRFF “clients” who are acting on the MRFF’s behalf won’t likely see any of the money Mikey Weinstein will bring in as a result of the publicity.

Instead, it will just fund Mikey’s paycheck.

Regarding the Skype screenshot above, everybody likely has the same question:  Does Mikey have a portrait of himself on his shelf?

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  • Freedom Fighter

    “Tell it to the judge, we’ll see you in federal court” is actually more than five words. Just sayin’.

    • @Freedom Fighter
      His nickname at the zoo (USAFA) was “motor mouth.” Little bit of truth in a lot of nicknames.