Update: USAFA Gen Goodwin Fired over IG Complaint

LtGen Jay Silveria addressed the Air Force Academy’s Board of Visitors today and said an IG complaint was the cause of Gen Kristin Goodwin’s removal as the USAFA Commandant [emphasis added]:

Goodwin was removed by her boss and the school’s head, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, amid an investigation…

The general later told The Gazette that an academy staff member filed a complaint with the Inspector General’s Office, which launched the investigation.

“I only know fractions of (the complaint),” he said. “I have not seen it.”

The investigation has since expanded beyond the single person who filed the complaint, Silveria said.

One does not normally get fired over a mere complaint, particularly as a General — which would seem to indicate Gen Silveria finds some credence in the complaint, incomplete investigation notwithstanding.



  • I find it strange that Lt Gen Jay Silveria would do such when he is not so innocent either

    • Want to put something behind that? Or just joining the gossip train?

  • Generals are toxic humans. Very few I met were leaders of any color Chiefs were even worse. Usually they drank alot and thought highly of themselves.
    Airpower! Hoo..aah!

    • John Christopher Sowers

      Tell us more about your military service (if any) and specifics about military generals and Chief Master Sergeants. If you served in the military, what was your highest rank, job, and I wonder what your performance reports looked like.

  • Aaaaaaand, despite your wish to smear her, she is now the Chief of Staff at Joint Force Space Component Command. Carry on, General Goodwin.

    • @James K

      There’s no smear here, just facts. Here’s another fact: BG Goodwin had previously been announced to be going to Current Operations at the Pentagon. If you’re statement is correct, she’s now staying in Colorado. It would seem she lost her assignment.

    • We all make mistakes. Hopefully, some of us learn from them.

  • PEOPLE MISSION PRIDE was a self promoting campaign slogan designed to get her promoted to the next rank or the next position. Goodwin didn’t care about anyone other than herself or those she could use to advance her agenda. She would have been fired a lot sooner had she not had a puppet for a Command Chief.

  • this viet usaf vet sez,,,Hey Crash Goldie Goldfein,,,,,,,as ye sow so shall ye reap the whirlwind.

  • So much hatred here, so much vitriol, so much disdain. The truth is that your ignorance, fear, and jealousy are at the root of your insecurities. But whatever, the world will still evolve even if you choose not to.

    Now go back to calling your wives “mother”, keep voting for philanderers, continue praying with and taking moral guidance from men who give your tithing to pool boys, and keep wearing those “retired Air Force” hats that get you those hard earned “thank you for your service” compliments you crave.

    You’re cowards the lot of you.

  • Michael Martin

    Who are you Dave? And what information do you have to justify your accusations?

    If you’re not a coward yourself, you’ll tell us a little about yourself and the information you have about our “ignorance, fear, and jealousy.” Then you might be able to engage in some honest debate on this subject, instead of merely spewing your own hatred and vitriol.

    Will you do that Dave? Probably not.

    Let us see if your condemnation of us is true, as you claim, or if it’s just a projection of your own self on to others that you hate without cause. Who is the coward here, Dave?

  • Let me guess. You were a former servicemember who caught heat over something substandard (behavior/performance), right?

  • Jeremy Culbertson

    It’s quite normal to remove a commander during an investigation. As a former IG, I can tender to you that many IG complaints DO result in investigations, although many are dismissed. If the Air Force doubted her leadership, they definitely wouldn’t have given her the position she now has. Space Command is the placeholder for U.S. Space Force, the new military department directed by the President. Chief of Staff at Joint Force Space Component Command sounds like a better gig than the Pentagon. My son is a cadet at USAFA and tells me that she is very highly regarded by the cadets she led. So get over the fact that she’s Gay. It only matters to people running political websites like this one.

    • @Jeremy Culbertson

      It’s quite normal to remove a commander during an investigation.

      Yes, it is — if the complaint is likely to be substantiated. If you’re claiming removal is ‘neutral,’ you can probably provide a long list of commanders who were removed and then reinstated after the investigation failed to substantiate the complaint, right?

      Chief of Staff at Joint Force Space Component Command sounds like a better gig…

      Doesn’t matter what it “sounds like” — only what it is. By your logic, a complaint was lodged against her and it was [likely to be] substantiated, so the Air Force decided to give her a better job.

      Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

      For the record, she was slated to be Director of Current Operations for the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff at the Pentagon — which isn’t a slouch position. Having come from the position as the Senior Military Assistant to the SECAF, it’s pretty reasonable to conclude her Pentagon assignment was carefully and intentionally selected. But JFSCC sounds better to you.