Update: USAFA Gen Goodwin Fired over IG Complaint

LtGen Jay Silveria addressed the Air Force Academy’s Board of Visitors today and said an IG complaint was the cause of Gen Kristin Goodwin’s removal as the USAFA Commandant [emphasis added]:

Goodwin was removed by her boss and the school’s head, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, amid an investigation…

The general later told The Gazette that an academy staff member filed a complaint with the Inspector General’s Office, which launched the investigation.

“I only know fractions of (the complaint),” he said. “I have not seen it.”

The investigation has since expanded beyond the single person who filed the complaint, Silveria said.

One does not normally get fired over a mere complaint, particularly as a General — which would seem to indicate Gen Silveria finds some credence in the complaint, incomplete investigation notwithstanding.



  • I find it strange that Lt Gen Jay Silveria would do such when he is not so innocent either

    • Want to put something behind that? Or just joining the gossip train?

  • Generals are toxic humans. Very few I met were leaders of any color Chiefs were even worse. Usually they drank alot and thought highly of themselves.
    Airpower! Hoo..aah!

  • Aaaaaaand, despite your wish to smear her, she is now the Chief of Staff at Joint Force Space Component Command. Carry on, General Goodwin.

    • @James K

      There’s no smear here, just facts. Here’s another fact: BG Goodwin had previously been announced to be going to Current Operations at the Pentagon. If you’re statement is correct, she’s now staying in Colorado. It would seem she lost her assignment.

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