Army General Takes Swipe at Mikey Weinstein at Prayer Breakfast

Fort Knox held its National Prayer Breakfast last month. The closing speaker was US Army MajGen John Evans Jr, commander of US Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox. He noted the value of the liberty being exercised at Fort Knox that day — despite critics who might seek to restrict that liberty:

“We gather here today, each one of us to worship in our own way,” Evans said. “There are some who would probably not agree with those in a secular society having a prayer breakfast, but we have the right to do that, just as others have the right not to…”

“I am reminded of our oath to the Constitution that ensures that we have the freedom to worship the way we choose,” Evans said. “That is precious about our country and our American way of life.”

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein is the leading critic of religious exercise in the US military — at least, religious exercise that might be viewed as Christian, as he’s never complained about non-Christians doing the same things. Gen Evan’s comment appeared to be addressed to Weinstein’s annual griping (and fundraising) over the voluntary gathering of US military troops to pray and otherwise exercise their religious liberty.

While Weinstein and even US military troops are free to not worship or pray, he and his ilk have made a veritable living trying to prevent others from exercising their liberty to worship and pray.

Gen Evans accurately notes that liberty is “precious about our country and our American way of life.”

That’s what Mikey Weinstein is fighting.


One comment

  • Weinstein will not appreciate General Evans’ correct comments.
    This and the removal of his LBGTQ “Darling,” at the USAFA, might drive him to the edge.