Transgender Sailor Booted for Sexual Misconduct and No One Notices

In the ongoing public relations campaign claiming transgenders prima faciestrengthen our military” (while Christians are “a severe failure of leadership“) no one is talking about Alexandra Marberry, a ‘conservative Christian‘ and recent US Naval Academy graduate supposedly destined for pilot training when his assignment was held up for over his decision to be a woman.

Marberry has just been booted from the Navy for sexual misconduct:

In June [2017], a commanding officer called her into a meeting and told her she had to be off the ship in an hour, she said.

Marberry was forced to resign…after another officer accused her of groping. She denies the accusation.

“I had been falsely accused of groping a transphobic officer who I had originally believed was an ally,” she wrote.

So, he did something with someone he thought was an “ally,” and when that went wrong, that person suddenly became “transphobic?”

Regardless, Marberry says NCIS investigated and found no crime, but he still went to a Captain’s Mast for misconduct. Marberry lost an appeal and apparently lost a show-cause. He decided he couldn’t win, so he resigned — only to then try to work external complaints as a “targeted” transgender to try to get the sexual misconduct removed from his record.

To be fair, there is a such thing as a set-up, though historically it has been LGBT activists doing the chicanery against Christians. That said, Marberry seems to admit something did happen, even if he disputes the circumstances, and it seems likely that formed the basis for the misconduct allegation.

That’s all almost beside the point. The fact remains integration of “transgenders” — men who claim to be women, or vice versa — is not the “strengthening”, problem-free, easy-button activists seem to claim. Of course, Marberry’s negative story doesn’t fit the progressive narrative (apparently the benefit of the persecution claim doesn’t outweigh the cost of the sexual misconduct allegation), which is better portrayed with “brave” and sacrificing transgender troops who may lose their jobs and become homeless, transgender troops being invited to the State of the Union, who face the “scourge” of a ban from serving in the military — despite the fact the Justice Department and Defense Department supported the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the ban to take effect.  The scramble to paint the transgender issue by the press is so fervent even random tweets by obscure interns have become manufactured viral sensations.

Meanwhile, notice you haven’t heard anything in the press from US troops who opposed the policy change under Obama and support President Trump’s?  It would seem only supportive servicemembers were allowed to speak publicly without fear of retribution. Yet there remain legitimate concerns — especially from troops of faith — that troops would be punished for not actively supporting the transgender life choice.  What of religious troops who would decline to use the “wrong” pronoun for someone who “felt” like the other gender?  That’s not a question the policy change under President Obama addressed, yet it no doubt would have been one of the first “scandals”, as a transgender person filed a complaint against someone who wouldn’t address them as they preferred.

It’s already happened in the civilian world.

That’s why — even with the new DoD policy essentially banning transgender service — you’ll see activists continue to champion the “right” of transgenders to serve in the US military.

Not because it has anything to do with military service, but because, like the homosexual movement, social activists have discovered the quickest way to change society in the United States is to start with the US military.

Some people think the US military is for national defense. For others, it’s simply a tool to achieve a social agenda.