See the Speech Mikey Weinstein Tried to Stop: Chick-fil-A at USAFA

Below, see the speech Mikey Weinstein didn’t want USAFA cadets to see.

Rodney Bullard, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility for Chick-fil-A, spoke to a packed house at the US Air Force Academy’s Character and Leadership Symposium in February, and USAFA quietly published the video shortly thereafter.

If you recall, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein had tried to have Bullard banned (despite Weinstein himself having once been an NCLS speaker.)

Bullard gave a moving and motivational speech on leadership, specifically citing Rosa Parks, and then he took questions.

The second question came from USAFA Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Barry Fagin.  Fagin has long been an outspoken advocate for Mikey Weinstein‘s cause. Much like some other faculty members, Fagin has acted as a USAFA insider for Weinstein’s MRFF, and he’s indicated in the past that he believes religion is harmful.  He’s also on record as an LGBT advocate and political activist.

Despite sexuality having nothing to do with the speech, Fagin equated Rosa Parks with the modern LGBT movement and directly challenged Bullard to address Weinstein’s accusations that Chick-fil-A supports anti-LGBT causes.  (Fagin’s question begins at 32:50.)

Bullard did, and received loud applause in response.

(Craig Foster, another USAFA professor in the Behavioral Sciences Department, also supports Weinstein’s cause.  He’s a self-described “skeptic” who has previously written disdainfully about religious beliefs.)

Mikey Weinstein so feared Rodney Bullard that he called his invitation to NCLS “Christian-based homophobic oppression.”

Yet the video of Bullard’s speech has been online for a month.  During the question session, an MRFF supporter went out of his way to bring up the “Chick-fil-A is anti-LGBT” allegation.

In the ensuing month, Weinstein hasn’t publicly said anything about the speech or one of his own followers trying to call out Chick-fil-A.

Kind of gives you an idea of how it went, doesn’t it?  Remember that the next time Mikey Weinstein tries to get an invitation rescinded.

See the video below.

Update: Bullard participated in an extensive interview in May in which he explained Chick-fil-A will not be altering its donation strategies, because the good it is doing outweighs the attacks of critics.



  • This was an excellent speech!!

  • Having watched the whole video of Mr. Bullard’s presentation, two things are apparent. First, Chick-fil-a, has done far more to help other people from all walks of life than any of their LGBTQ critics ever thought about doing. This would not be happening if Mr. Cathy, as CEO, didn’t make it happen by hiring people like Mr. Bullard and establishing the Chick-fil-a Foundation, which is astounding in the amount of charitable and positive, community building work that it does. Second, the rank hypocrisy, selfishness and viciousness of the rabid “attack dogs” like Weinstein, Fagin and most of their LGBTQ allies is equally astounding on the negative side.