Supreme Court Stays Injunctions on Transgender Policy

The Supreme Court ruled (5-4) yesterday that injunctions preventing the Department of Defense from implementing a change to President Obama’s transgender policy were stayed while the case worked its way through the courts. This allows the DoD Policy proposed by then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis to take effect.

Previously, lower courts had ruled in both directions on the policy.

While the policy is about medical and mental conditions, critics of the ruling blamed it on religion — that is, Christianity.

Tris Mamone, a member of the awkwardly named LGBTQ Humanist Alliance, is quoted saying [emphasis added]

Today’s ruling is another example of bigotry and Christian nationalism overriding legal protections for all Americans.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein similarly called it a product of the [emphasis added]

fundamentalist, evangelical, extremist leanings of the U.S. Supreme Court’s majority

Those “fundamentalist, evangelical, extremist[s]” are four Catholics and an Episcopalian who was raised Catholic, by the way — as if that should make a difference.  To Mikey, anyone who doesn’t have the “right kind” of religious beliefs is a “fundamentalist, evangelical” — even if they’re agnostic or Quaker.  (The MRFF once accused a group of Christians of being “willing to use force” to achieve “world domination”.  Those Christians included Friends.)  For the record, the policy is supported by the Military Archdiocese.

It would seem activists have tried to paint transgenders in the military as being only opposed by Christians — and if there is only a religious argument against it, it must, prima facie, be allowed to happen. (This is similar to some pro-abortion positions which paint the pro-life position solely as religious.)

By contrast, reasonable people can make a pretty good (non-religious) argument that a person who is one gender but believes him/herself to be another gender has a condition that would warrant further attention and would ultimately distract the military from its mission. In fact, some self-described transgenders have said that — and they’re not “evangelical extremists.”

The secondary argument is that anyone who wants to serve in the military should be allowed to do so — an argument that is, of course, ridiculous.  Not everyone can do everything.  That might not seem “fair” to some people — but fair is a complexion, not a state of reality.

American society has decided it doesn’t care if a man wants to say he’s a woman or vice versa.  But — to this point — society has said it does care if that demographic tries to foist its worldview on everyone else.

It’s common sense, and it’s science.  Both also happen to agree with religion.