More than 530 USAFA Cadets to Pilot Training

More than 530 US Air Force Academy cadets will graduate this year with a pilot training slot:

More than 530 U.S. Air Force Academy cadets from the 2019 graduating class have been matched to attend pilot training pending final qualifications and commissioning. This is a 26 percent increase over the 2018 class.

So there’s a consideration if you’re debating which service Academy graduates the most pilots.

Though there’s room for nuance in the language, the release does say pilot training, which would imply these 500 soon to be Lieutenants are not going to remote pilot/UAV jobs.

Also at the Stars and Stripes.


  • Also, Liberty University is one of several universities selected by the Air Force to provide future pilots in high school to get their pilots license during the summer their aeronautical school.