Thanksgiving Day Cake: Offended? Call Mikey Weinstein.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s pattern seems to be to collect potential “material” and then socialize it among his friends in an attempt to find volunteers to be counted as “anonymous” complainants. Despite his frequent claims, there is no evidence to date Weinstein has ever been approached by a group of aggrieved troops who, of their own initiative, came to him looking for help.

Instead, what appears to happen is Weinstein either finds or is told about something happening; Weinstein then sends it out to people who were blissfully unaware, but agree to be offended, and then Weinstein tries to go on a media warpath with “32 complaints, 25 of which are practicing Christians, etc.”

But sometimes things happen and Weinstein doesn’t know about it — and since no one is offended on their own (without his input), he doesn’t get the chance to complain.

Enter the DFAC cake made at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, last week:

Under normal circumstances, this would have been forwarded to the Military Times and with Weinstein trying to get a headline about the use of a Bible verse on a cake in the Middle East, with him claiming dozens of troops were in fear for their lives in the Muslim-majority region over this “constitutionally-questionable confection.” As a matter of fact, Weinstein and company did that very thing about just such a cake a few years ago. (And once again, spelling is a thing.)

Instead, everyone at Al Udeid had as nice a Thanksgiving as they could have, under the circumstances, and they had a pretty decent slice of cake, too.

Amazing how much more peaceful the world seems when Mikey Weinstein doesn’t have the chance to get his dander up.

Incidentally, if you really do want to call Mikey, he publicizes his number, and all of his “anonymous complainants” claim he answers the phone himself, day or night.