Supreme Court to Hear Memorial Cross Case

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal regarding the Bladensburg Peace Cross, which was declared unconstitutional by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals despite widespread support.

Though Justice Kavanaugh has yet to make his mark on the bench, even critics of religious liberty seem pessimistic, thinking religious liberty will prevail of their offense.

The case could be historic, given the amount of hostility toward religious displays in public and how many anti-cross cases there have been: 

Should the appeals court’s decision be allowed to stand, it could potentially affect hundreds of similar monuments across the country and would force “the removal or dismemberment of a cherished war memorial that has served as a site of solemn commemoration and civic unity for nearly a century,” the officials said.

If history is any guide, however, the ruling will be crafted so narrowly as to make it nearly impossible to walk away with a lasting victory — one which would put to bed cases like the Mojave Cross, Mount Soledad, and the recently-ruled against Bayview Cross in Pensacola, Florida, in which even the judges asked the Supreme Court to overrule them.  (The Bayview Cross is being attacked by the American Humanist Association, the same organization going after the Bladensburg Peace Cross.)

Still, there remains renewed hope for religious liberty. Even atheists see that — and sigh.

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