Best School for Military Vets? Liberty University.

Liberty University, one of the largest private schools in the country and the “world’s premier Christian university”, was named “best for vets” in’s 2019 rankings for online and nontraditional schools:

Liberty University is the largest school in our online and nontraditional rankings list with nearly 103,000 students…The overwhelming majority of its 30,000 veteran, service-member and military-dependent students have opted to attend online…

The university did a better job of retaining both its military and non-military students between 2016 and 2017 than most other online and nontraditional schools that participated in the survey.

The site’s survey covered a variety of topics from accreditation to the financial gap between cost and veteran’s benefits.

Notably, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has said Liberty University’s “endgame goal [is] a systemic hostile takeover of the U.S. Military [sic] by lunatic, fundamentalist Christians.”

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Liberty University seems to be providing a quality education, an academic culture, and a student support structure that has made the school popular with current and former members of the US military.

World domination is just around the corner…


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  • Everyone you know should email Mikey the article about Liberty University here. Wait a few minutes and wait to hear a loud yelling come from New Mexico.