Mikey Weinstein Mocked by Duffel Blog. Again.

Yesterday the Duffel Blog — a military-themed site in the flavor of the satirical Onion — announced that the US Air Force had removed baptism as a requirement for graduation from basic training:

The Air Force announced today that it would no longer require recruits to become baptized Christians in order to graduate basic training following yet another bout of criticism over bias from Air Force leaders who identify as evangelicals…

“The Air Force Academy…has outsourced all science and engineering classes to Focus on the Family,” said MRFF President Mikey Weinstein…“We’ve got a generation of aviators and potential astronauts who think that gravity is the devil trying to suck them down into hell and that Elijah’s magic chariot dust is what propels them into the air.”

Now, it’s clear to everyone else that the Duffel Blog is mocking Mikey’s continuous — and vastly overblown — accusations that the Air Force is secretly turning into an evangelical church. But it is unlikely Weinstein will see that.

As noted yesterday, Weinstein has the self-awareness of a three-year-old. He’ll probably claim the Duffel Blog reference is an “homage.”

Hilariously, after posting a link to the Duffel Blog article on his Facebook page, Mikey Weinstein has had to engage his own supporters to tell them it was satire. (He comments as “Mikey Lou” on his own “Mikey Weinstein, MRFF” Facebook page.)


It’s like a Poe. Weinstein’s nearly-constant, overwrought, hyperbolic, sky-is-falling, shark-jumping accusations against the US military are indistinguishable from satire, even by his acolytes — which says a lot about what Mikey Weinstein has to say. (The last time Weinstein appeared in the Duffel Blog, the writers didn’t even have to embellish to make him seem ridiculous.)

All that said, take a read of the article. It’s actually pretty entertaining.

“We’ll continue to seek guidance from our pastors, and we also intend to check the Constitution again to see if there’s an amendment about Jesus in there” said Wilson.

Kind of makes you chuckle.