Dissonance: Jewish War Veterans of USA to “Honor” Mikey Weinstein

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein will be speaking next week to a dinner for the Jewish War Veterans of America. In its press release, the local JWV spoke on behalf of the national organization when it said [emphasis added]:

The Jewish War Veterans of the United States…is…committed from its founding, to the elimination of all forms of bigotry

Sounds fair enough, until they finished with [emphasis added]:

The JWV Department of Minnesota supports MRFF in the fight against religious bigotry and oppression within the ranks…

That’s like saying you support David Duke in the fight against racism.

By any reasonable definition (seriously, look it up), Mikey Weinstein is a bigot who advocates oppression of religious liberty within the US Armed Forces. From cadets to Generals, any Christian in the US military who has so much as hinted at his religious faith has earned the scorn of one Mikey Weinstein as he’s demanded they be crucified — at one point, almost literally — and put on display to warn off other Christians who might be similarly motivated to exercise their faith. All because a member of the military has Christian beliefs Mikey Weinstein doesn’t approve of.

Fortunately, Weinstein has generally lost those fights — but he still makes them, and he is supported in them by those of similar ilk.

That said, it appears the JWV knows this. While the JWV has done some very good things supporting Jewish servicemembers in the US military (and is generally supported by the military), the left-leaning organization has historically been on the wrong side of most recent religious liberty issues — including, for example, the US Air Force’s religious guidelines and the public display of crosses.

Imagine what would happen if a man stood up and said he was at “war” with Jews who had beliefs he didn’t like. Imagine that he tried to coerce government action against Jews, and he demanded those Jews be tried and imprisoned because of their beliefs.  Imagine that he claimed Jews were trying to take over the government and would be responsible for near-genocide if they were allowed to come to power.

Now replace “Jews” with “Christians” in that paragraph, and you need not imagine. Mikey Weinstein has said those very things.

And the Jewish War Veterans of the USA supports him.

Seems like someone has a short memory.



  • What a joke. I sent a message to the Jewish Veterans of America USA Facebook page asking them to rescind their invite to Mikey and the award the Minnesota chapter is planning to give him, based upon the fact that he is a vehement anti-Christian zealot and bigot as well as his past treatment of fellow Jewish soldiers.