That Look on Mikey Weinstein’s Face.

When he realizes the woman he once attacked as “the literal Poster Child [sic] of American fundamentalist Christian military Crusaderism”…

has become the literal poster child of the US Air Force Academy:

(The Air Force Reserve also highlights Maj Christina “Thumper” Hopper in its “Profiles in Leadership.” Clearly, the Air Force hasn’t put much stock in Weinstein’s attacks on her or her Christian faith.)

Mikey Weinstein. Wrongly belittling women, minorities, Christians, and anyone else he doesn’t really like, for charitable donations.

Since 2005.


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  • LOL I love it when God vindicates His righteous ones, especially in the face of the enemies. I am reminded by the verse in Psalm 23 that says “He sets a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”