US Air Force Academy Continues with Nike Uniforms

Take a knee? Believe in something? While some are backing away from Nike over its apparent political stance, it seems the US military academy sports teams aren’t.

Kind of an interesting set of circumstances if you think about it.



  • Interesting for sure. But despite the generally despicable behavior of a public figure who would kneel during The National Anthem and a corporation that would tacitly encourage the same, consistency demands that we celebrate USAFA’s decision.

    If this had been Tebow’s brand of kneeling, we’d applaud Nike for celebrating his freedom of speech and religion. (Yes, I know it wasn’t and probably never would be, but that’s inconsistency on their part, not ours). As much as I disagree with Kaepernick and Nike on the specific content they are lauding, I celebrate their freedom to do so—as an individual and a corporation.

    Makes me wonder if USAFA would do the same if this were Tebow instead of Kaepernick.

  • This a political question, and the military should not get in the mix. On the other hand, the USAFA has already paid for the gear. Probably with my tax dollars. Don’t waste my tax dollars, please.