VP Mike Pence on Being Called Christian Supremacist

From USA Today, as repeated in the Stars and Stripes:

Vice President Mike Pence turned to the Bible when asked recently what he makes of a new critical biography that calls him a “Christian supremacist.”

“The Bible says count it all joy when you endure trials of many kinds,” Pence told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview excerpt released Friday. “Any time I’m criticized for my belief in Jesus Christ, I just breath a prayer of praise.”

For those familiar, of course, the “Christian supremacist” label (more accurately, pejorative) is the go-to accusation for Michael “Mikey” Weinstein and his MRFF —┬ámore specifically, his erstwhile research assistant, Chris Rodda — against just about any Christian who dares to let on that they are, indeed, an actual follower of Jesus Christ.

Then again, if the worst Chris Rodda and Mikey Weinstein can do is call people names, they’re not really doing much, are they?


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