Mikey Weinstein Attacks Christians while Muslims Plot Attacks on US Troops

Last week US Army SFC Ikaika Kang pled guilty to trying to help ISIS. He was motivated by his Islamic faith so much that he considered being a suicide bomber against his fellow troops at Hawaii’s Schofield Barracks.

Yet, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein and Christine “Chris” Rodda seem convinced US military Christians are the “clear and present danger” to the United States of America.

Nearly two dozen Islam-motivated plots or attacks have occurred either against or within the US military over the past few years.

Exactly zero Christian-motivated plots and attacks have occurred against or within the US military over that same time period (or prior).

Yet Mikey Weinstein and Chris Rodda have awkwardly tried to maintain their focus on Christians — even as Mikey Weinstein became entangled with some of those same Muslim troops.

Remember, after Nidal Malik Hasan staged a massacre at Fort Hood, Mikey Weinstein eventually said Hasan should have been court-martialed for his religious sentiments, though Weinstein had said nothing in the years leading up to that event.  Even then, Weinstein still managed to blame Christians for Hasan’s actions.

When US Army PFC Naser Abdo — who said the same things as Hasan — spoke with Mikey Weinstein, Weinstein did not go to the press and demand Abdo’s court-martial. Weinstein did nothing and he said nothing.

Not long after speaking with Weinstein, Abdo was arrested — as he was arming himself in a plot to kill US troops at Fort Hood.

And yet, Mikey Weinstein and Chris Rodda think it is the Christian in the US military who calls on other Christians to pray who should be in prison.

Mikey Weinstein and Chris Rodda think US military troops singing in church services are what they’re up against.”

Mikey Weinstein and Chris Rodda think Baptists are “the greatest threat America faces today.”

US military Christians are praying, singing, and living their faith in love. Some US military Muslims have either massacred their fellow troops or planned to do so.

Despite these facts, as before, Mikey Weinstein and Chris Rodda have long ignored any faith but Christianity — and are only “at war” with US military Christians.

And to think they’re the ones calling Christians “bigots”.


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