ACLJ Calls on SecDef Mattis to Defend Gen Teichert

The ACLJ is once again standing as the voice of reason against attacks on military religious freedom by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF. Last week the ACLJ wrote to Secretary of Defense James Mattis — the same recipient of the MRFF’s letter — defending BGen John Teichert.  The letter began with what is probably the most astute and clear statement on dealing with accusations from the MRFF:

We must admit it is difficult to know exactly where to start to refute the many false allegations and legal misstatements contained in Mr. Rehkopf’s letter. As we will show below, Mr. Rehkopf imputes impure motives to General Teichert and alleges harm based on his and MRFF’s hypersensitivity to religious expression by persons in uniform.

When Mr. Rehkopf encounters a religious view expressed by General Teichert, he automatically assumes that such a view translates into policies and actions that denigrate and discriminate against the service members and DoD civilian employees under General Teichert’s command who hold contrary views. Mr. Rehkopf cited no actual policy or action on General Teichert’s part that has harmed any service member or civilian at Edwards AFB or elsewhere.

That’s astoundingly accurate. Mikey Weinstein and his cabal of wilting flowers do nothing more than “encounter a religious view” and categorically assume it is somehow a governmental policy or action, and that is the basis for their complaint. But they never once cite an actual policy or action, nor do they cite any “harmed” Airman.

The ACLJ’s letter [PDF] is an entertaining and educating read. Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s hypersensitive caterwauling is no longer an unopposed attack on religious liberty — one to which the military might previously have surrendered just to try to make him go away.

Our thanks to the ACLJ for their defense of Military Religious Freedom.