Army Chaplain Observes Quiet Revival at Fort Leonard Wood

According to an article at, there’s a revival going on in the US Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri — and a Southern Baptist chaplain is responsible:

Almost 1,000 soldiers in basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri have given their lives to Jesus Christ since March in what can arguably be called a spiritual revival.

There is no question God is doing something amazing at the army base and that He is using Captain Jose Rondon, a chaplain at the base, to carry out His plans.

Chaplain Rondon gives a fairly simple exhortation to his fellow believers — “Stay INTENTIONAL” — and he also makes a point of going where his troops go:

It’s obvious the new recruits have a great love and affection for Rondon. He said he’s gained their trust by being their shepherd and their companion.

“They see me running with them, attending their major events, being in the field with them when they are training, visiting with them when they go to the range, going to the mess hall with them, speaking with all of them to encourage them through bringing the military expectations and culture into their world.”

It’s an interesting contrast to the implications of the “atheist” chapel service at Lackland AFB, which has been boasting “record” attendance — which has included a plurality of self-declared Christians and others who come for the social atmosphere, current events, and videos — not the humanistic message.