US Sailors Help Honor Saint Joseph

US Navy submariners from Guam helped locals celebrate Saint Joseph during the 2018 San Jose Festival in early May:

Sailors assisted in transporting the statue from Inarajan Bay to the Saint Joseph’s Church on Saturday…

“I had a great time escorting Saint Joseph’s statue from Inarajan Bay to the church,” said [Sailor] Benjamin Johnson… “We got a little wet, but I had a blast getting to know the other folks escorting the statue and learning more about San Jose…”

“It really touched my heart when I saw the Sailors carrying the saint in [during the re-enactment],” said [Mayor] Lujan. “This is the first time we have brought the fiesta to the church grounds in over 20 years…”

The sub unit also sponsored a float in the local parade.

The article notes that “culture and faith go hand in hand,” so it is natural that experiencing the culture would also include experiencing their faith

Ironically, some people have problems when US service members are publicly involved with faith.  The important point that such trepidation ultimately inhibits their very mission is apparently missed.