Unbroken Sequel Will Finish the Story

Angelina Jolie made Louis Zamperini famous with the movie Unbroken, which, while a good movie, left a major portion of Zamperini’s life to roll in the credits: his post-war descent into anger and alcohol, and his salvation at a Billy Graham crusade that became the path forward in his life.

A new movie out this fall aims to finish that story:

The Billy Graham Evangelical Association previously filled in those blanks with a documentary.  The USAFA Class of 2018 chose Zamperini as its exemplar.

Read more about Louis Zamperini in his autobiography Devil at my Heels and Laura Hillenbrand’s biography also titled Unbroken. Unbroken was on the USAF CSAF Reading List in 2012. Zamperini died in 2014.


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