MRFF Makes Veiled Threat Against Critics

Joan Slish has long been a source of fascinating inside information at Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF.  She sometimes seems to tell it like it is, even to the MRFF’s detriment (see here, here, and here, for example).

Slish is one of several people who “corresponds” with those who write hate mail to the MRFF — even if it comes from a supposedly fake email address. (Her 1500-word responses are almost precisely the same copy/paste text every time.) Why bother “writing” to a junk address? Apparently, the correspondence is distributed among the MRFF faithful as some sort of mark of pride. Fair enough, if that’s really where you want to exert your energy.

But what if the email address is legitimate?

That’s what makes this thinly veiled threat from Slish concerning: 

Fair warning: We have liaisons on almost every base in the world and all incoming emails and responses are sent out to them to be disseminated.

Slish appears to be strongly warning the sender that MRFF “liaisons” will soon know of his message to their group. Why would such a warning be necessary? Does she think the “liaisons” will do something untoward?

The warning wouldn’t even be needed if the sender’s name and email address was redacted — which implies it isn’t. Thus, it seems Slish isn’t warning, she’s threatening: We have allies where you are. They’ll know who you are and they’ll know what you think about the MRFF. And… apparently Joan thinks that’s bad, for some reason.

No one who sends an email to a hate group like the MRFF should really have an expectation of privacy, anyway. But apparently the MRFF thinks its “liaisons” are untrustworthy miscreants, so much so an MRFF Board Member has to give a “fair warning” about them learning they’re working with — shock! — people who might disagree with them.

That’s sad, when you think about it, but probably not unexpected.

Thanks for the warning, Joan. We’ll keep an eye on them for you.