Navy Covers Sailor Who Stays True to His Faith

In an article entitled “I hope God understands why,” the US Navy tells the story of US Navy Personnel Specialist 3rd Class Mamadou Mbengue, a native of Senegal — and a Muslim:

Mbengue found himself in Recruit Training Command spending each morning and evening donning and doffing a uniform and learning to conform to a military lifestyle, while still upholding the values and principles of his faith.

“I hope God understands why,” said Mbengue. “I took every opportunity I had to pray and worship while I was in boot camp. There just wasn’t a lot of time and privacy was always kind of an issue. I didn’t have my prayer garment or prayer rug, but I knew there would be some sacrifices made with my decision to join.”

The article goes out of its way to describe Mbengue’s devotion to his faith and his ability to integrate the practice of his faith with his military service — as if to proactively rebut those who would claim a devout Muslim cannot be a good Sailor.

Like many other active service members who also live by the Muslim faith, he serves his country with admiration, dedication and pride.

Would that the military would make such an effort to show the virtues of Christians in the US military. The way society and some critics portray Christians, you’d think Christians were all guilty of treason and all military Christians were just trying to take over the world.