Army Reservist Demonstrates Selfless Service, Christian Faith

A US Army article out of Texas highlights US Army Reserve Captain Troy Catterton — Deputy of Current Ops for the 4th Sustainment Brigade, and a Christian:

Today Catterton was at the 40th Annual Cowboy Breakfast in San Antonio, Texas, volunteering with Christian radio stations KLove and Air1…

As a U.S. Army Reserve Soldier, Catterton knows the importance of selfless service, one of the Army’s seven core values. A few months ago he was looking for a new way to put selfless service into action, along with a way to strengthen his Christian faith, and decided to submit an application to KLove and Air1.

Strength of character and selfless service are significant characteristics of the Christian faith — and also values needed for military service.

It makes it easy to integrate one’s faith and profession when the faith and profession are so closely aligned.

Who knew the US Army had Christian values?