A Chance for Mikey Weinstein to Attack Muslims as He Has Christians

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein currently has an opportunity to display something he rarely has to date: principle.

May 15th will be the first day of Ramadan. In honor of that Islamic holy event, a unit of the US military will wish its neighbors Ramadan blessings:

The Star Tribune reports that when [Minnesota Army National Guard] leaders hold their annual training camp next month, they will be displaying a lawn sign with the words “To Our Muslim Neighbors: Blessed Ramadan.”

Every December, Mikey Weinstein argues the presence of displays acknowledging Christmas is illegal, a loathsome constitutional violation, and generally a crime against humanity. On occasion he has said or implied he would cease his hate-filled ravings if said signage was accompanied by a host of other other/non-sectarian symbology or moved to the grounds of the base chapel.

Here’s his chance. Now he can say the same thing with Islam as the target instead of Christianity.

In an effort to show that his organization isn’t “anti-Christian”, as he so often clearly demonstrates, Mikey Weinstein should attack this Ramadan display with the same fervor and vitriol he has religious displays for other religious holidays, or even signs that just said “God bless.”

Should the Minnesota Army National Guard decline to court-martial, draw, and quarter those responsible for what he (in a principled stance) believes is a “spiritual rape” of the US Constitution, Weinstein needs to demand a half-dozen other signs representing every other religion (or no religion) be erected around it. For example, “To our Atheist Neighbors: Have a Reasoned Lunar Cycle.” Perhaps, given Ramadan’s confluence with Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, and Mikey Weinstein’s birthday, he could just demand one that said “Happy Holidays.”

Because the whole reason atheist agitators and anti-Christian groups attack displays around Christmas is the alleged endorsement of one religion…right? Surely it’s not just because its Christians — because that might make them appear to be anti-Christmas (or anti-Christian), rather than pro-freedom. And atheist demands for Flying Spaghetti Monster signs don’t occur in December because the FSM is associated with winter, so surely an atheist celebration of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is appropriate here.

Thus, it follows, the same should happen here. Maybe in the vein of the atheist riffs on Christian Christmas songs and their mockery of deities they could advertise pork barbecue for discount during lunch for the month of Ramadan.  A few militant atheists would probably think that was clever.

By contrast, those who support actual military religious freedom recognize there is absolutely nothing wrong with such a Ramadan sign (notwithstanding Islam’s false beliefs and evil outcome, since in America citizens have the freedom to be wrong — even wrong to the point of hell). It is actually Ramadan, after all. Anyone else who demanded “equal representation” of their own signage — merely because Muslims had a sign — would just be demonstrating their own immaturity and spitefulness — not unlike that which appears every December.

The sign does not mean the US Army endorses, promotes, or favors Islam — just like signs around Christmas and Hanukkah don’t endorse, promote, or favor Christianity and Judaism.

Mikey Weinstein likely won’t attack this sign as he does those of Christians because he is, in truth, targeting Christians (and he’s also a coward). That said, in his defense, Weinstein is in a lose-lose situation here.

If Mikey Weinstein fails to attack the military and the Muslim faith over this sign, he’ll show himself to be an unprincipled bigot.

But if Mikey Weinstein attacks the military and the Muslim faith over this sign, he’ll just show himself to be a principled bigot.

Life is full of hard choices, isn’t it, Mikey?