Breaking: Navy Rebuffs Mikey Weinstein over Missing Man Bible

Update: In response to this denial, Mikey Weinstein is now demanding the POW/MIA table be piled with books of various other spiritualities.  This is standard Weinstein fare (he’s used it before) for trying to try to milk the “controversy” timeline and make the situation as annoying as possible in hopes he’ll be placated.  Meanwhile, who, precisely, is being “honored” by this?

As reported at the San Diego Tribune, the US Navy has rebuffed Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s attempt to have a POW/MIA display “investigated” because it contained a Bible:

In a letter dated April 17 and mailed to New York attorney Donald G. Rehkopf Jr., San Diego-based Rear Adm. Paul D. Pearigen said that “neither further review nor an investigation of this matter is necessary.”

Initially, it appeared the Navy had asked “how high?” when Weinstein had demanded they jump.  Now it seems they’ve reconsidered their acquiescence to his vitriol.

In contrast to his celebratory cries when the Navy had implied it was, indeed, “investigating” has he had demanded, the normally bellicose Weinstein has been oddly silent about his stinging defeat.


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  • William Robinson

    Interestingly, Mikey conveniently found a few Shintoists to add to his list of complainants. That’s a new one, likely manufactured since the table’s explanatory graphic was in both English and Japanese. Mikey’s neither smart nor informed nor compassionate nor fair-minded, but at least he is predictable.