Chaplain Highlights Fighter Pilot Experience in Ministry

Chaplain (Maj) Kenneth DeVoie is the Wing Chaplain of the 104th Fighter Wing, which flies F-15s out of Massachusetts. He recently spent a year in Korea as the Command Chaplain for Special Operations Command Korea (SOCKOR) in Seoul. While his story is interesting, this paragraph stands out:

This Spiritual Guide credits some of his ability to succeed in that environment back to his experience working with the F-15 Fighter Jet pilots here at the 104th Fighter Wing.

“I think being here at [the 104FW] was great preparation for working with Special Operators,” said DeVoie. “The F-15 Fighter Pilot community is comprised of tip-of-the-spear guys, and it takes time to get into their inner circle.”

That speaks to the unique role of the chaplain — the ability to work with, befriend, earn the respect of, gain the trust of, and enter the “inner circle” of US troops. In some ways, that gives them the unparalleled ability to “reach the unreached.”

And that’s one thing that can make military chaplains very valuable.