Military Chapels Winning Souls through Financial Peace

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University has found a unique — and large — following within the military chapel community. While not a “Christian” financial program per se, Ramsey is a Christian and ultimately bases his ideas on his faith. (He even connects financial “peace” to the “Prince of Peace” every day on his radio show.) This — and its success — has made the program popular among churches — and the US military.

In just one example, the chapel community at Misawa Air Base, Japan, recently won a PACAF-level award for their service [emphasis added]:

In late February, the 35th Fighter Wing Chapel Corps won the Pacific Air Forces’ Terrance P. Finnegan award for their dedication to Team Misawa…

The Team Misawa chapel staff…directed 174 comprehensive Airmen fitness programs, raised $96,000 for Airmen care, recruited and trained 378 volunteers and revitalized their chapel youth program.

They also facilitated three 9-week finance seminars, enabling 63 families saving $193,000 and cancelled 121 credit cards, eliminating approximately $400,000 in debt.

For the uninitiated, those are the hallmarks of Dave Ramsey’s 9-lesson FPU.

The course itself has intrinsic, non-sectarian value. It helps people get their money straight in life, and, as the Misawa chapel notes, that helps all the “pillars” of comprehensive fitness.

But FPU also introduces US troops to the chapel, and to the community of Christ, even if just subtly. Credibility and relationships can be outstanding foundational stepping stones to the Gospel.

Wonder if Dave Ramsey realizes he’s being a missionary…to the military?


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