OCF, First Liberty Team Up on Military Religious Freedom

Officers’ Christian Fellowship and First Liberty Institute recently participated in an episode of OCF’s fledgling Crosspoint podcast in which retired Navy JAG CAPT Chris Blake and First Liberty lawyer (and Reserve Marine JAG) Mike Berry discussed the “religious rights of those in uniform.”

At one point, CAPT Blake asks “what has changed” over the past few decades that makes it seem the support for religious freedom has waned since the unashamed exercise of faith years ago. To that, Mike Berry had a witty reply:

The opponents of religious freedom have become louder…but that doesn’t make them more correct.

That was an observation made here beginning a few years ago when critics of religious liberty were the lone voices in the room.  Fortunately, groups like First Liberty have risen to their challenge.

The informative and easy to understand 40-minute podcast can be heard here.

Though slightly subtle about it, OCF has been near the leading edge of military religious freedom over the past few years. As early as 2009 OCF published the writings of Skip Ash, a retired Army Colonel and senior counsel for the ACLJ, entitled The Religious Rights of those in Uniform.

It’s fitting that the ministry of OCF should team with these religious liberty groups. OCF exists for US troops to exercise their faith; groups like the ACLJ and First Liberty exist to defend their right to do so.


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  • And thanks to you, CFP, for fanning the flames of religious freedom on this blog. Your clarity and consistency in identifying and refuting bigotry is a major reason why Mikey’s noisemaking has fallen on deaf ears the last couple of years or so. For freedom’s sake, please keep it up!